App Brings Farm-to-Table Medical Marijuana to Your Doorstep

App Brings Farm-to-Table Medical Marijuana to Your Doorstep

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Do you need or want to have your medical marijuana delivered to your home? There’s an app for that.

Loud Cannabis is a free application for Android users and will soon be available to iPhone users. Developed by farmers for The Green Exchange, Inc., the mobile app is HIPAA-compliant and connects patients directly with growers. The company announced today that they’re launching a Patient Delivery Application. Patients choose a farm collective and sign up with them. They’re then able to browse and purchase any inventory that’s available and then arrange to have the product delivered.

“This new app will empower farmers and give patients a direct connection to the source of their cannabis,” Joshua Artman, founder and CEO of The Green Exchange, said in a press release. “When people buy food, they want to know its origin, freshness and quality. Now this ‘farm-to-table’ distribution model is available to help farmers connect with more people, and provide patients with fresh cannabis with integrity and transparency.”

Patients are able to see new inventory immediately via Twitter, as growers can add their product onto the Loud Cannabis app where it is then loaded simultaneously onto social media. Not only can patients have access to the new inventory immediately, but growers are able to build their brand and get more exposure of their product, thereby increasing its value and drive sales.

“Farmers may have collectives, but they had no efficient distribution network, until now,” Artman says. “We have developed the world’s first, easiest, and most efficient way to take farmers and connect them to patients anywhere in the state. It’s a profoundly new way to do business, and can significantly improve distribution, while providing value to everyone in the cannabis eco-sphere.”

So far the response has been positive.

For more information about Loud Cannabis, visit The Green Exchange Try Loud website. To download the app for free, visit Google Play.

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